What Can a Treadmill Mat Do for You?

Treadmill mats provide ample floor and equipment protection as well as noise reduction when the machine is in use. Treadmills are large machines that constantly shake when in use which can cause cracks and dents to form on the surface of your floor. Additionally, treadmills are usually motorized, which means they create constant vibrations causing annoying hums. Rubber treadmill mats essentially act as a protective and noise reducing barrier between the machine and the floors. Rubber floors can save you time and money in repairing expensive flooring options and possibly having to replace the machine if damaged.

Floor and Equipment Protection

Floor and equipment protection are the main reasons why most people choose to purchase a rubber treadmill mat. Rubber possesses the ability to absorb the force of impact and evenly distribute vibrations across the surface of the mat. This is an important quality as constant vibrations on a single point can eventually wear down the flooring in that area until it cracks; even concrete is susceptible to this kind of damage. A treadmill mat provides a cushioned barrier between the abrasive exercise machine and the subfloor.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is an added benefit of treadmill mats after floor and equipment protection. This is a product that is recommended for individuals living on the second floor of an apartment or complex to reduce the noise travelling into their neighboring apartments. While concrete flooring does not need noise reduction qualities, floors made from materials such as carpet, hardwood, or tile can greatly benefit from the addition of a noise reducing treadmill mat. Much like for floor and equipment protection, the dispersion of vibrations may reduce the amount of noise produced.

Click the above image to visit our "Treadmill Mat" product description!
Click the above image to visit our “Treadmill Mat” product description!

If you want to read more on treadmill mats, click this link to find a full-length article on the benefits of treadmill mats: https://www.rubbercal.com/rubber-mat/reduce-treadmill-vibration/


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