Top 5 Treadmills on Amazon for Under $900!

Treadmills, more than any other fitness machine, are commonly used machines that is simple enough for anyone to use! Depending on the type of workout you wish to accomplish, as well as convenience, there are two main types of treadmills available on the market today: motorized and manual. Both are great ways to build muscle and maintain stamina, but let’s see what Amazon reviewers have to say. Here are Amazon’s top 5 best rated motorized and manual treadmills:

1. NordacTrack T Series Treadmill

This interactive treadmill is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who take their workouts seriously. The NordacTrack T Series Treadmill features an interactive personal trainer that is powered by iFit that allows you to experience not only local workouts, but global workouts as well! With a one-touch speed inclination adjustor, it is easy to change the settings quickly.

Many users have reported, “This is a very well made piece of equipment that operates beautifully at the highest of inclines and at all available speeds – and it is STURDY. We are very happy with this purchase. Thank you Amazon and NordicTrack!” While the positive reviews outrank the negative ones, it is important to check negative reviews as well.

Some users commented on problems they had faced with the iFit subscription. One user reported, “After setting up your treadmill and turning it on, the screen will say “Go to iFit.Com and register to activate.” It will appear that you need to sign-up for iFit to turn on your treadmill. iFit will ask for your credit card and will start a free trial, after which you will be AUTOMATICALLY charged $15.00 a month.”

Despite problems with fitness subscription plans, this treadmill has received a 72% 5-star rating. This treadmill is set at $691.04 on Amazon!

2. EXTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

As the top rated treadmill of the hour, this treadmill gives you the best of both worlds by being foldable and motorized! It features a 5″ LCD display where it keeps you updated on time, distance, calories, and pulse. This treadmill has a 0.5 – 10 MPH speed range allowing you to change the intensity of your workout as you see fit. The pull knob makes it easy for you to fold and unfold your treadmill as needed.

Of the many 5-star reviews this treadmill has, one thing stands out: it’s easy-to-use style! One user commented, “It is built solid, and the programs provide us with a different workout each time, helping to eliminate boredom. Perfect size because it is so compact.” Another user stated, “We would buy it again in a minute. Could not be happier!!!”

However, some users have suggested that it may not be as durable as the description might say. One user reported, “Had good reviews. Highly disappointed. The entire belt portion basically skips a beat whenever I step on it or even try to run at any speed and I almost fall off.”

With mixed reviews, most of which being positive, this treadmill has an over all rating of 4.4-stars out of 8,966 reviews! The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill is marked at just $350.22 on Amazon!

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill

Just because this is a manual treadmill doesn’t mean it has great fitness benefits. The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill produces excellent cardio benefits! This manual treadmill works by improving blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and improve balance. Best of all, this is a compact and lightweight machine that is easily folded and stored or transferred. Because it is a manual treadmill, the belt is made of a non-slip material that is designed for safety. 

Now for the pros and cons! Most users had a positive experience using this manual treadmill. One user reported, “This was really more than I expected. The belt only moves when you make the effort. It’s really sturdy and not cheap feeling.” Others have reported some negative findings. This user stated, “After 2-3 months of using it daily for one hour the treadmill was no longer running as smooth as it did when I first got it. I kept trying to adjust it and nothing was working to make it run as when I first opened and used it. The machine ended in the trash sadly.”

Many of the problems seem to arise with rigorous training exercises, but most users seem to benefit from its manual function. This treadmill is sold on Amazon for $147.66!

4. Under Desk Folding Treadmills for Home

If you’re looking for a portable treadmill, this may be on your radar. The Under Desk Folding Treadmills for Home is designed to fit underneath a desk (or bed) thanks to its foldable handle design. This treadmill also has a remote control and bluetooth feature which allows users to easily adjust the settings and listen to music hands-free!

Some users noted the convenience of this treadmill. One user noted,”Very happy with this treadmill. Easy to set up and just the right size. I have recommended it to my family and friends. I give it 5 stars!” However, another user stated, ”  originally bought it as an under the desk treadmill – meaning that I would likely be walking a relatively slow pace. Unfortunately at that slow pace it’ll bottom out and stress the motor so you feel a significant drop in speed with every step.”

This portable treadmill is designed for mild to moderate intensity workouts and goes for $279.99 on Amazon!

5. ADVENOR Treadmill Motorized Treadmills 2.5 HP Electric Running Machine

This treadmill is ideal for those with goal oriented fitness routines. it comes equipped with 3 separate LED monitors which help track time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories along with having speeds up to 13km/h, or 8 MPH. In addition, it has a high weight threshold at 220 lb. allowing for a sturdy and safe workout.

Of the many 5-star rating this treadmill has received, one user reported, “Such good quality running machine, very easy to assemble, packaged very neatly and protectively. Lightweight but durable, silent powerful 2.5HP motor provide good stability and durability.”

But, with every positive, there is a negative. One user reported, “This treadmill is already broken it just quit in the middle of working out now all I get is an error message.” Many seem to have a problem with setting up this treadmill; however, most users state that it works perfectly once set up.

This treadmill goes for $329.99 on Amazon. A steal for all these cool features!

– This is a subjective review of treadmills found on Amazon using customer ratings. Written by Courtney Yoon.

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