About Us

Welcome to the Rubber Flooring Blog!

Rubber flooring comes in a variety of forms for a variety of uses.

The aim of this blog is to educate and inform you about all the different options and benefits of having flooring made of rubber. We cover everything to do with rubber flooring, from the different types of rubber materials available and the different types of flooring, to how to properly install a roll of flooring rubber. If it has anything to do with rubber and flooring, we will cover it!

Just to give you an idea of the kinds of topics we will be discussing, we will highlight things like the necessity of certain flooring types, the advantages of rubber versus other materials, different types of rubber materials, and even the coolest design patterns for interlocking tiles! There will be no shortage of information for you here.

If you want us to talk about something, let us know! Leave a comment and we will endeavor to get all the information to you and to anyone else out there who may have similar questions.

We also link to two different stores that sell a wonderful variety of rubber flooring products. They are the Rubber Flooring Experts and the Floor Mat Company. They are great resources for information and product acquisition. We have even dedicated pages to each store.

Feel free to explore and educate yourself here. We aim to provide the most informative and accessible knowledge bank about rubber flooring anywhere. Enjoy!