Swimming Pool Safety Tips

The perimeter of swimming pools can become slick when coming into contact with water and may cause accidents that lead to serious injury. Most flooring for pool decks are made of concrete; however, this too can easily become slippery when wet. Because of this, a safe alternative is using rubber mats to cover the hard surfaces surrounding swimming pools. Rubber is ideal for pool decks because it has a high coefficient of friction, moisture-resistance, and withstands environmental factors. Additionally, rubber is a non-slip material that will retain its traction even when water is splashed onto it.

Rubber drainage mats can be highly beneficial for pool decks. It is obvious that there will be large amounts of water splashed onto the surrounding surfaces. Drainage mats come equipped with numerous drainage holes covering the entire mat to provide drainage and prevent the moisture from pooling at the surface. This will increase the safety of those walking on these wet areas by diminishing the probabilities of slipping on those areas. Surface patterns on a rubber mat will increase rubber’s natural traction abilities. These small protrusions on the mat will help your feet grip onto its surface. Even on bare feet, linear surface patterns are ideal for matting around swimming pools because it can help increase traction.

Click the image above to check out some of our drainage mats!
Click the image above to check out some of our drainage mats!

Swimming pools can be a fun environment, but that can quickly change with a slip and fall accident. Rubber mats can provide a solution to some accidents by providing a non-slip surface using drainage holes and surface patterns along with rubber’s natural traction enhancing abilities. Create a fun and safe environment today with rubber mats!

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