Garage Flooring – Rubber vs PVC

When you are placing new flooring in your garage, you want a flooring option will be durable enough to handle the weight of cars or the constant levels of foot traffic that are typically found that area. When you want those characteristics you have two choices of garage flooring, either rubber or PVC flooring.


Rubber flooring is made of recycled materials such as used car tires so the products are made to be durable. This type of flooring can come in a roll 4ft wide and custom lengths up to 50ft or in a tile form that are both easy to install. The rubber rolls just need to be unrolled and if any cuts are needed to be made, you can do so by using a sharp utility knife and a ruler. As far as tiles are concerned, most come with interlocking puzzle-like edges with some having interlocking pins that go into the side of the tiles. All these products come in various thicknesses depending on your needs and are made for the homeowner who loves DIY projects. The easy to install rubber flooring is also cost effective since you do not have to hire a professional to install it for you. The eco-friendly products provide traction so when wet it acts as a anti-slip flooring while still protecting your floors underneath and anything you place on the surface. The one thing they aren’t good at is dealing with oils and greases from a motor vehicle, but that’s where the PVC flooring comes in.


PVC flooring is resistant to oils and greases unlike the rubber garage flooring options. If you plan to park your vehicles in your garage, then a PVC flooring product is the best recommendation. Compared to most types of rubber, PVC vinyl exhibits a much longer lifespan when it comes into contact with various types of oils and greases. Rubber, on the other hand, will suffer from structural damage such as discoloration and disintegration. PVC garage flooring products come in rolls that are 4ft wide and can come in custom lengths up to 50ft, very similar sizes to their rubber rolled flooring counterparts. PVC flooring has various textured options to choose from as well as different color options. The textured surface offers traction similar to the rubber flooring so when wet you will have a safe surface to walk on unlike a flat tile or wooden surface. These rolls are easy to install by simply rolling them out and placing double sided tape around the perimeter of the rolls. If you need to make any cuts for a corner that isn’t straight or you just got a little to much material all you need is a sharp utility knife and a ruler to guide your cut.

Overall you can’t go wrong with rubber or PVC garage flooring products. The decision ultimately depends on how you intend to use your garage.

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