How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular home flooring options seen in many homes due to their sleek and aesthetically pleasing finish. Despite this, many people fail to realize that it is extremely susceptible to damage. For instance, hardwood floors can be easily dented or chipped with a drop of a hard and heavy object. Furthermore, wood can be severely damaged by moisture, whether it be premature wood rot or cupping (the rising of the edges on the wooden planks). Rubber is the best material to use when protecting hardwood floors because it has excellent impact-absorption and water-resistance properties that allow it to effectively protect hardwood floors from physical abrasions and water damage.

Click the image above to check out our popular "Elephant Bark" rubber flooring rolls!
Click the image above to check out our popular “Elephant Bark” rubber flooring rolls!

Rubber has excellent shock absorbing properties that allow it to provide an effective layer of protection between hardwood floors and damaging physical impacts. This is made possible due to rubber’s high tensile strength and shock-absorbing qualities. These qualities of rubber allow it to effectively distribute the force of impact evenly across its surface while being able to withstand repeated and constant physical impacts without breaking or failing. In addition, rubber retains a naturally high coefficient of friction, which gives rubber the ability to create a non-slip surface that will aid in the prevention of abrasions on the hardwood floor.

For heavy-duty floor protection, click the image to view our "Eco-Sport 3/4-inch" Interlocking Tiles!
For heavy-duty floor protection, click the image to view our “Eco-Sport 3/4-inch” Interlocking Tiles!

Hardwood floors are highly susceptible to damage caused by water. Water is one of the most damaging factors to hardwood floors because it does not take much water to damage it. For example, small leaks from sinks or unattended spills can easily be looked over and left to seep into the crevices between the planks. Fortunately, rubber is an inherently moisture-resistant material that is ideal for protecting hardwood floors from water damage. It is extremely difficult for moisture to permeate through the rubber material, making it the best protective covering option for hardwood floors.

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