Why is Rubber Flooring Eco-Friendly?

QUESTION:  Why is rubber flooring eco-friendly?

Recycled Rubber is the best example of eco-friendly rubber


ANSWER:  Rubber flooring is very durable and can generally withstand a high volume of abuse. However, it can also be an eco-friendly product if that flooring is made from recycled rubber. This eco-friendly rubber material is made from post-consumer rubber products, primarily discarded vehicle tires. Unless subjected to harsh chemical, rubber can take a long time to degrade and decompose on its own, which is one reason it is such a great material for wear products but bad for landfills. After years of seeing car tires being stacked higher and higher in landfills it was decided to find a way to give those old tires new life.


This is done by removing old tires from landfills and shredding them up until they’re nothing more than small pieces of mulch. After filtering out some of the non-elastomeric materials the rubber mulch is then glued back together, using polyurethane glue, to form large rolls of rubber flooring in many desired thicknesses. By removing and reusing old car tire for rubber flooring, the customer gets all the benefits of the durable material, and the landfills have much more space available to them. All of this is why rubber flooring is the best eco-friendly option for your floors!

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