The Top 4 Best Home Workouts

If you have just recently finished building yourself a personal fitness room in your home, congrats! You have completed that big first step of setting up your new workout area to sculpt the new you. Before you start your exercises today, take a moment to consider the top 4 best home workouts for you right now. Some of them may seem basic, but they are very effective and always good to include in your regimen.

PUSHUPS:  A tried and true hallmark of fitness anywhere, the pushup is the one workout system that is synonymous with getting into shape. Taught from kindergarten to the military, pushups are an excellent way of conditioning both your cardio and upper body strength. In addition to helping build your upper body, it helps to condition your torso and lower back.

The ABCs of pushups


PULLUPS:  Another great workout for the upper body. This consists of using your arms to pull yourself up from an elevated bar. Professional athletes such as football players, rugby players, wrestlers, and boxers make extensive use of the pullup bar in their day-to-day workout schedule. It allows you to massively build up on your upper body mass from the front and back. There are some variations on how to do pullups. Some involve the use of a rope or placing a heavy object between the knees.

Everyone should try doing pullups as part of their fitness routine.

BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS:  Yup, you read that right. The Bulgarian split squat is a more physically demanding version of the standard squat. It involves elevating one foot on a bench and then dropping to both knees. You have to do this while holding weights in both hands. It may sound oddly simple, but it most definitely is not! It is a bit risky of a workout to perform and it takes a while to properly master it. However, once you have the technique down, you will notice a great improvement in the tone of your lower body body and general muscle strength.

The basic concept behind the Bulgarian Split Squat

AB ROLLOUTS:  A beer belly is just not healthy or pretty to have for a stomach these days. You have to sculpt those abs and get them presentable for your next beach day. Ab rollouts are a quick but effective way to lose excess weight around your abdomen area and begin toning your abs for prime time. Some people swear it is the best core workout ever. It involves the use of a wheel rollout. Positioned on your knees, roll outward on the wheel until you are full extended, and then roll back to your starting position. This is one of the best home workouts, but it is also one of the more fun workouts!

Bicycle crunches are a great alternative to ab rollouts.

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