Silicone Rubber Sheets – The Best Flooring Option

When engineers and designers think about the best flooring option for their projects, silicone rubber sheets often come to mind — and it’s easy to see why. After all, silicone rubber sheets have a series of very useful properties and characteristics that make them a versatile option for many applications. Here are just some of the many features that make them superior to other flooring solutions:

Resistance to cold and hot temperature

Perhaps the most significant selling point of silicone rubber is its resistance to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. This material can withstand temperatures that reach beyond 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and can also handle freezing conditions as low as -103 degrees. Within this range, silicone rubber remains stable. Because of this outstanding level of resistance, silicone rubber sheets are used in mechanical applications and in venues that are always exposed to extreme temperatures.

Resistance to environmental conditions

Its resistance to different ecological conditions makes silicone rubber a flexible choice. If you need rubber sheets for outdoor applications, this is one of the best options because it can hold up well against rain, snow, frost, and other potentially-damaging weather conditions. In other words, this material can maintain its original form and qualities without disintegrating in the elements.

Low compression sets

Some forms of silicone are known as open cell. This refers to its sponge-like qualities, and differs greatly from the more solid closed cell silicone. But open cell silicone has many great qualities, including a low compression set. Even when silicone sheets are under compression or stress for a period, they can recover back to their original form. This gives them an extra flexibility and versatility.


Silicone rubber sheets are safe to use in food or health industries. They are non-reactive and therefore would not chemically affect any food or drink products.

Silicone rubber sheets are available from many suppliers based around the globe. To ensure that you’re dealing with trusted and reliable source, opt for a local American company that has been a part of the industry for many years and is a leading authority on rubber.

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