Ditch the Old Wooden Flooring and Install Rubber Floor Tiles

What comes to your mind when flooring is mentioned? Most people think of tiles, wood, carpet, and laminate. While these are common types of flooring, they are not exactly the best when exposed to environmental factors, and are easily damaged by physical objects and heavy foot traffic. Rubber floor tiles can be a better alternative to or at least provide a protective surface for conventional flooring options. Rubber flooring is resilient and protects your base floor against hazardous conditions. It provides an added layer of protection to you and the people in your property, too. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing rubber flooring:

  • Soft – Rubber floors are great for playrooms and exercise rooms due to their softness. As long as they are thick enough, they can cushion falls and reduce your susceptibility to major fractures and severe injuries. Some rubber floor tiles come with added cushioning underneath. Not only do they cushion falls, but they also provide soundproofing for footsteps, especially when people are wearing heels.
  • Durable – Rubber floor tiles are known for their durability and resilience even under the most extreme conditions. They are resistant to moisture, too, so you do not have to worry about the floor rotting or warping when water spills on them. Just be sure to use high-quality rubber and have it installed properly, so it can last for a long time.
  • Easy to maintain – Rubber floor tiles are easier to care for than wooden flooring. For one thing, they do not require heavy polishing. Even if they did, you would only need to apply water-soluble wax once in a while to make them resistant to discoloration or damage. Moreover, rubber is more stain-resistant compared to wood. To clean rubber floors, you only need a damp map and rubber-friendly detergent or soap.

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