Laying Rubber Tiles on Dirt

QUESTION:  Can I place my new interlocking rubber tiles over a dirt surface?

ANSWER:  Dirt is not the most ideal surface to be laying rubber tiles, but it can definitely be done! Interlocking mats made from rubber tend to be solid and heavy in nature, they can stay firmly in place on most dirt surfaces. The key is to have a stable and unshifting surface so that the tiles do not get dragged out of place.If the dirt in your area is too loose, as in very soft like sand, it is advisable to get that dirt as compacted as possible.

Rubber tiles can be placed on dirt surfaces such as the one pictured here.

People get rubber tiles for all sorts of uses on dirt surfaces. In recent years, people have been laying rubber tiles on dirt for their outdoor play areas, gazebos, patio decks, and even underneath their above-ground swimming pools.

When dirt floors are involved, the setting is almost always the outdoors. Rubber tiles made from recycled or reclaimed rubber are perfectly suited for outdoor placement because they are made from weather resistant compounds. Compared to a material like PVC, they will last for much longer periods of time wherever you place them.


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