Safety Must-Haves: Rubber Stair Treads

Staircases are one of the most dangerous places a slip and fall accident can occur due to it sheer height. Not only can this lead to serious injuries, or even death, it can also pose a liability issue and can get you sued. The best and simplest way to safeguard your steps is by adding a stair tread to each step. These stair treads are made of rubber which allows them to keep their traction even when moisture is present. They are also extremely durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors so, there is no excuse for leaving your stairs unguarded.

Why Rubber Stair Treads?

  1. Rubber possesses a high coefficient of friction which allows it to keep its grip even in wet conditions. This translates to: the more you move on the surface of rubber, the more gripping action you will receive.
  2. Stair treads often come with an inch of extra rubber that folds over the edge of the step called “nosing”. This provided extra protection on the edge of the step to prevent you from slipping off the step.
  3. Rubber stair treads called “cast iron” are also available so you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s beautiful aesthetics for safety.
  4. Compared to stair treads made of other materials such as vinyl, rubber stair treads are the most versatile having long outdoor life as well as being able to resist most abrasive conditions.
  5. Not only do rubber stair treads protect those traversing them, they also protect the stairs themselves from any unwanted damage including cracks and dents.

Stair safety is an important aspect of everyday life more people should put thought into. We see staircases all around so it can be easy to forget that a tumble down the stair can have you in the hospital. Not only can stair treads keep you safe, but they can keep the integrity of your stairs safe and sounds.

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