Elliptical vs. Treadmill

Ellipticals and treadmills are staple fitness machines found in almost every public gym, and probably in your home gym as well. They are two of the most popular aerobic exercise machines that simulate running or walking to a custom intensity level. Both are great for cardio; however, each machine has benefits that are best suited for specific workouts. Each fitness machine has their own list of benefits when it comes to the comfort or intensity of a workout. Continue reading to learn more!


Ellipticals are low-impact machines, meaning they put less stress on your joints during a workout. This is a great machine for those who are looking to get back into shape after an injury or for those who are already suffering from joint pain or chronic arthritis. Not only will ellipticals help alleviate stress on joints, but it will also help strengthen both upper and lower body muscles. The arm handles on ellipticals offer a little resistance to help lightly tone arms, shoulders, and chest. Overall, ellipticals are great for low-impact aerobic exercises, but not for muscle gain.


Treadmills are more versatile fitness machines than ellipticals. You are able to adjust the speed and level of resistance on a treadmill according to the intensity of the workout you are looking to achieve. Treadmills are slightly harder on leg joints than ellipticals, but it is able to strengthen your legs better than ellipticals. Treadmills are ideal for gaining muscle strength and effectively burning calories.

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