A Playground is Safer for Children When Rubber Mats are Installed

Rubber is an extremely versatile flooring material. One of the most popular uses for rubber flooring is playground matting. In fact, in the United States, playground rubber mats are a necessary safety feature that every play area must have. Lack of protective floor covering or surfacing can mean serious injuries to children who may experience bad slips and falls from tall playground equipment and structures. Even outdoor playgrounds utilize rubber mats in certain areas for an added layer of protection for the children.

Not only can rubber mats protect from slips, they are also highly impact-resistant, cushioning shock from accidental falls and preventing serious injuries. Rubber used in playground flooring is also designed for flexibility and springiness, which effectively add to the surface’s impact resistance.

Besides its safety features, rubber matting is also a preferred choice for playground surfaces because it helps absorb sounds and vibration, thus reducing noise from excited, hyped-up kids. This is especially helpful in populated areas where people tend to work or sleep during the day. Maintenance is also a breeze with rubber mats, as the material is highly stain- resistant and has the ability to repel dirt and grime well. With a little routine care, rubber matting can maintain its cleanliness and quality even in outdoor playgrounds. A quick sweeping of the surface to eliminate debris should be enough for daily maintenance, followed by regular cleaning with mild soap and water at least twice a week.

In terms of durability, rubber mats also score high, even under extreme weather conditions. Rubber playground mats are highly resistant to UV damage. They are water and frost-proof, which means they withstand long years of exposure to the elements. Rubber mats are not easily damaged and can maintain shape even with all-day abuse. This makes them a safe, low-maintenance, long lasting, and economical choice.

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