All About “Elephant Bark” Rubber Floors

Made from 83 percent post-consumer recycled rubber content, “Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring is made to withstand the most abrasive of conditions. This rubber floor matting is available in custom lengths up to 50 consecutive feet and different thicknesses coordinated by color. Thicknesses of 3/16-inch and 3/8-inch come in green dot, blue dot, red dot, blue steel, candy corn and all black colors while 1/4-inch thickness comes in all black only. The easy installation process only requires double-sided tape or glue depending on how permanent you would like the installation. This easy installation and durability of this flooring option allows them to be used for almost any purpose.


“Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring is an extremely versatile rubber flooring option that can be used in almost any space and in any environment. The recycled rubber material these rubber mats are made of creates a durable surface that will last. Rubber is naturally resistant to the effects of harsh UV rays, ozone and changing weather conditions which gives it longer life even when exposed to the elements. Because of its durability, “Elephant Bark” is generally used as gym or playground flooring. The rubber material is thick enough to protect the subflooring underneath from heavy fitness machines and weights/dumbbells while being a softer surface to land on just in case kids accidentally fall while playing. Another application “Elephant Bark” matting will excel at is kennel flooring. Our furry friends are more like family and it is important to ensure the comfort of their living quarters. The rubber material provides enough cushioning for your pet to live comfortably inside their home while providing a warm surface to lay and sleep on.


There are two main methods of installing “Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring. The first and most recommended method is using double-sided tape. This is the most recommended method because it is less permanent that glue making it easier to remove and replace in case of any damage to the mats. The one downside to using double-sided tape is that it can only be used indoors because outdoor weather conditions including precipitation can affect the integrity of the tape. The second method of installing these rubber mats is by gluing them down. Glue is not usually recommended due to the permanence of this installation method; however, glue is the ideal installation method for areas that experience heavy foot traffic such as commercial public gyms. Glue can also be used to install outdoor flooring since glue will not be affected by moisture.

There are so many more applications for “Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring and is not confined to the applications listed above. Because of its customizable option, you can size your mat as small or as large as you need. It can also be used in any space, indoor or outdoors. Overall, “Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring is one of the most durable, versatile and easiest to install rubber flooring options available.

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