How to Use Rubber and Carpet Entrance Mats

When people think of front entrance mats, they generally tend to think of the decorative and colorful door mats we see at home entrances. Contrary to popular beliefs, front entrance mats can be used commercially and industrially, as well as residentially. There are larger and more functional front entrance mats available for commercial and industrial use. Two of the most popular commercial/industrial front entrance mats are made of rubber or carpet that is rubber-backed. They are generally used together to get the complete benefits of both types of front entrance mats.

Rubber Front Entrance Mat

Rubber front entrance mats are generally placed outdoors. Rubber is an extremely durable and moisture-resistant material that will provide excellent traction as well as scraping abilities to ensure you are not tracking in any unwanted messes. Thanks to its naturally high coefficient of friction, rubber front entrance mats can stay outdoors since they are not affected by precipitation. Additionally, rubber resists the harsh and damaging UV rays of the sun as well as other natural elements such as ozone, changing weather conditions and mold/mildew.

Carpet Front Entrance Mat

A carpet front entrance mat is generally placed indoor and used in tandem with a rubber front entrance mat on the exterior. This is placed indoors so that it can trap an excess liquid that the rubber mat outside missed. It also provides and extra barrier between the entrance and the interior floors. Carpet mats are not recommended to be placed outdoors since the carpet fibers will absorb a lot of precipitation, negating all the benefits it could offer you.

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