Rubber: A Protective Flooring Option

Hardwood floors are just one of the most popular and common home flooring options because of its modern aesthetic and clean look; other home flooring options can include ceramic tile and laminate. What many people do not realize is that most home flooring options are not durable and are extremely susceptible to damage such as abrasions, dents, and cracks. Additionally, exposure to excessive amounts of moisture can cause the hardwood floors to expand and lift around the edges of each plank. Or, at the very least, create a slick surface. To prevent such damage from occurring to your hardwood floors, it is recommended to place a protective floor covering over areas that may be prone to damaging physical factors.

Click the image above to check out our popular "Elephant Bark" rubber flooring rolls!
Click the image above to check out our popular “Elephant Bark” rubber flooring rolls!

Rubber is the ideal protective floor covering because of its durability and resistance to moisture. Rubber is a durable and flexible material that is abrasion-resistant and can absorb the force of impact of falling items. Additionally, hardwood floors can also benefit from rubber’s resistance to moisture. Rubber prevents moisture from permeating through its composition offering protection against water damage. In addition, rubber flooring is generally offered in rolls and in modular tiles to offer a customizable option.

Click the image above to check out the amazing "Armor Lock" interlocking flooring tiles!
Click the image above to check out our customizable “Armor Lock” interlocking floor tiles!

Not only can rubber protect your floors from damage, they can also protect you from slip and fall accidents. Rubber’s grippy surface enhances traction even when moisture is present on the surface of the mat. Even if you take a tumble, rubber’s soft and cushiony nature provides the ideal landing surface by absorbing the force of impact.

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