Interlocking Tiles: An Introduction

Interlocking tiles have become a popular flooring option across the country. Chances are that when you go to a gym or a school playground, some of the flooring will be in the form of interlocking tiles. What makes them so popular is their easy to install nature. They come with sides that feature some sort of interlocking design, usually in the form of either puzzle-type sides or sides with holes meant for connecting mechanisms. Regardless of the interlock method/mechanism, each tile is meant to lock onto another with ease.

Rubber interlocking tiles look great in a variety of settings.

The best types of interlocking tiles are made of rubber. The advantage of rubber is that it is both elastic and durable. Best of all, it is usually more affordable than other types of materials. You should definitely make it a point to look out for interlocking tiles that are made from recycled rubber. On top of being more affordable than other regular or synthetic types of rubbers, recycled rubber is an eco-friendly material that brings a better level of durability to a product.


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