Rubber Flooring Rolls: The Advantages

When it comes to installing rubber flooring, you should seriously consider the benefits of getting your flooring in the form of a roll. Rubber flooring rolls are perfect for any application, whether it is a commercial, industrial, or even residential project. Rolls are easy to manage and often come available in custom specifications. Additionally, there are a variety of different types of rubber that come in the form of rolled flooring. Most importantly, however, they save both time and money by making themselves the perfect Do-It-Yourself project!

An example of Elephant Bark rubber flooring rolls.

Consider first the simple and most obvious benefit of having a rubber floor cover:  protection. That is the first and foremost purpose behind them. Rubber provides an excellent barrier between heavy weights and the base flooring beneath. If your area comes with wood, laminate, or other similar material, chances are that it can easily be damaged over time. This damage, or degradation, is caused by several things. It can be caused by a high volume of foot traffic, the pressure of heavy weighted equipment, and outside debris like dirt, mud, and moisture. A rubber surfacing can guard against all of these damages because it is tough and durable enough to absorb the shock and impact of weights.

Before you get a roll of rubber, first consider what type of rubber you want. There are a variety of different types of rubber available in the market. The most basic types are the natural and recycled rubbers. These are always readily available and can be used for any project, whether it is a commercial office, a showroom floor, a garage floor, or even a home gym. Natural and recycled rubber material is very durable and resistant to moisture. They are often the best bet. They also come in synthetic rubber options such as nitrile rubber. These synthetic types of rubber flooring rolls are often geared towards a specific application. Nitrile material, for example, is best for areas that will see a lot of moisture or grease. So before you settle on a roll of rubber, consider the type of rubber you want.

The biggest benefit that will be most obvious to you will be just how easy rubber flooring rolls are to install. They make the best DIY project. You will appreciate that it will save you some money, potentially even a lot of money. Rubber flooring rolls are so easy to install that you will not need to hire any third-party “professional” help for the installation process. With rolled flooring, you are the professional. The most outside help you may need is one or two other people, and these can be friends and family. They probably owe you one anyways, so call in the favor! The best way to install rubber flooring rolls is to use double-sided tape. That will allow them to stick firmly to the ground and, if needed, taken out and re-used for another project.

If you go to a source like the Rubber Flooring Experts, they will custom fabricate any rubber flooring cover of your choosing. This will save you both money and wasted material. Not every project is the same, so it would be the best and smartest thing to measure our the exact needs of your project and then order accordingly.

So when you find yourself in the need for good floor protection, take a serious look are rubber flooring rolls. They are used in a lot of different applications that most people do not often think about. Chances are, you have experienced their benefits without even knowing!

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