Do Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats Add Comfort in the Workplace?

Have you heard about anti-fatigue rubber mats? These are innovative products that relieve stress and fatigue in factories, commercial kitchens, and other workplaces that require people to stand for many hours at a time. Anti-fatigue rubber mats can provide many benefits.

Studies have shown that prolonged standing on hard surfaces can cause numerous problems on a person’s joints — especially the knees. Varicose veins can become swollen and strained with prolonged standing. Workers can also develop bunions, corns, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and spinal cord problems due to the stress being placed on their bodies. Anti-fatigue rubber mats can prevent these conditions and provide comfort for employees who need to stand for long periods of time.

What’s more, these mats can boost your business revenues and increase sales because when your workers are healthy and happy, there is less delay and more productivity. Anti-fatigue rubber mats can also reduce downtime, eliminate accidents and legal liabilities due to unsafe conditions, and remove additional medical expenses.

Dura-Chef Mats

These specialized mats are great for commercial kitchens where chefs and the supporting staff have to stand all day. They provide a cushion to the feet and relieve stress on the body. They also have drainage holes that keep the work area clean. In addition, the holes make the mats easier to maintain and clean. You can choose the pure rubber variants, or products made with nitrile rubber, which have superior grease resistance.

Foot Rest Mats

These mats have diamond-like patterns. The honeycombed bottom gives an excellent feel, as well as good traction. It allows the trapping of air for feet cushioning and relieves stress on the ankles, spinal cord, and the feet.

Bubble Top Mats

You can also use bubble top mats as anti-fatigue flooring. This product is specifically made to be hollow at the bottom to trap air and provide cushioning to the feet. Workers can stand on this mat for a long time and feel relief on their feet and legs.

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