Anti-Slip Rubber Garage Floor Mats: Increase Safety in Wet Areas

A garage floor can be exposed to enormous loads and weights on a regular basis. It will start to show not only skid marks but also stress and cracks if not properly maintained. If you want to preserve the look and functionality of your garage floor, it’s time to install rubber coverings. Not only will it help protect the flooring underneath from damage—it can also save your garage from the harsh effects of moisture, dirt, and dust. Rubber garage floor mats can even make your garage safer for you and for your family. You will no longer have to worry about accidents occurring due to wet floors or dripping chemicals.

Interested in switching? Here are some anti-slip rubber garage floor mat options that you may consider:

ZCycle Interlocking Rubber Tile

If you want to convert your normal garage floor into a home gym, the ZCycle interlocking rubber tile is recommended. It is a square tile measuring 28.5 inches on each side and is 3/8-inch thick. Recycled automobile tires are used to make this product. This tile is very resilient against constant stress and loads. It is perfect for providing matting on garage floors, especially if the flooring needs to stand up to heavy weights. It also protects you against slips and other accidents.

Tuff-n-Lastic Anti-Slip Flooring

A convenient and cost-effective way to provide traction for garage floors, the Tuff-n-Lastic Flooring also guards the floor against the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic. It is made of reclaimed rubber with a width of 48 inches. It comes in at 1/8 of an inch thick and features a pebbled texture on its surface to boost grip.

Eco-Sport Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Another popular option for a garage covering is the Eco-Sport tile. These are 3/4-inch thick tiles that are designed to minimize slip and fall accidents. This option can withstand the harmful effects of UV rays, as well as handling moisture well. The Eco-Sport tiles can also stand up to significant weights and can make your garage floor more versatile.

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