Rubber Gym Mats: Essential for both Residential and Commercial Gyms

Exercise is the best way to stay in shape. To keep your body healthy, you need to do some stretching, perhaps perform some aerobic activities or even lift some weights. Not everyone wants to visit a gym to stay active though. But did you know that you can create your very own gym at home using a rubber gym mat of your choice? And if you own a commercial gym, it is also recommended that you install high-quality rubber flooring in your establishment to ensure that your clients have the anti-slip features needed to stay safe as they work out. Rubber gym mats have a lot of benefits, including going a long way in preventing accidents due to wet floors.

The great news is that rubber gym mats are easier to order than ever. In fact, you can buy them online. Here are some of the rubber mat choices for residential and commercial gyms:

Armor-Lock Interlocking Tiles

This 5.5-lb tile is great for gym applications as it can absorb weights and impact. It also resists moisture. It is a 3/8-inch tile that is easy to install because of its interlocking design. You do not have to hire a professional installation team because no adhesive is needed to fix them to your floor. This is truly an affordable way to protect the gym floor—and your customers.

Shark Tooth Heavy-Duty Mats

Made from very resilient materials that guarantee durability, these ¾-inch thick mats provide a protective layer between heavy loads (such as exercise machines, kettlebells, weights and foot traffic) and the subfloor. They can even be used outdoors. Did you know that these mats are also eco-friendly? They are made from recycled rubber tires that would have otherwise gone to the landfills.

Revolution Diamond-Plate Interlocking Floor Tiles

Do you want an aesthetically-appealing tile that will suit your home or commercial gym? The Revolution Diamond-plate floor tile combines the vital elasticity and durability characteristics of rubber while looking great. It is resistant to moisture and can easily be cleaned using most detergents.

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