Best Gym Flooring – Rolls or Tiles?

The best gym flooring is the kind that is made from rubber. Rubber flooring helps protect the floor underneath, absorb shock/vibration and protect your equipment from the hard surface underneath as well. They are both easy to install and do not require any “professional” third party help from contractors/installer, which saves you money at the end of the day.


The big decision you have to make is if you want to have your rubber gym flooring in the form of rolls or in the form of tiles. Rolled flooring comes in a 4ft wide roll that can have custom lengths up to 50ft. If you really want to do it all your self you can just by a full 50ft roll and cut the product down to size depending on your needs. Some companies offer custom cut lengths on rubber flooring rolls so you can get them custom cut into more manageable lengths beforehand. If you do it yourself all you need is a sharp utility knife and a ruler to guide your cut. The rolls can just be rolled out onto the surface you wish to cover and you are good to go. If you want a little extra security you can always use double-sided tape around the perimeter of the rolls to hold it down.


For the rubber tiles they either come with puzzled edges or with interlocking pins. If you have the puzzled edges similar to the armor-lock tiles you do is set them down and interlock them. If you have the tiles that come with pins like the Eco-Sport 3/4″ rubber interlocking tiles you just insert a pin in the hole on the side of the tile and connect that to another tile as you set them down. These tiles, when interconnected, do not need anything else to hold them down. Since they all interconnect the combined weight and size of the tiles will hold it’s place and you will not have to worry about them moving around so much. With the rolls you can cover large areas quicker, but if you want to remove them for some reason you will have to remove the whole roll. For tiles it might take a little bit longer to set, but you only have to remove a couple tiles if you need to get underneath. These products are both great options for the best gym flooring and it all just comes down to what you desire for your gym.

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