Why Use Rubber Mats on Boat Decks?

Boats, being surrounded by water, are made to withstand moisture and provide a sanctuary out on the water. Even though modern vessels may be tough they can still leave you with some hazardous, slippery, and uncomfortable floors, which is why you should always use rubber mats on boat decks.

This boat is in serious need of protective rubber mats

Boat decks can be exposed to harsh conditions that other products might not be able to handle. Boat decks see lots of UV Ray and Ozone exposure along with water and other liquids being spilled on the surface. Rubber’s amazing ability to resist water absorption as well as its resistance to mold makes it the perfect material to protect your deck from the harsh elements at sea. While salty sea water can still cause deterioration in a rubber product, it will be at a slower rate. In sum, rubber mats on boat decks need to be able to handle multiple problems in one form.

Comfort is a big benefit when it comes to rubber mats on boat decks. Since a large part of boating is being on your feet, the elastic properties of rubber can come in handy. Rubber’s ability to stretch and compress allows it to reduce and relieve the stress of being on ones feet for a long period of time. The level of comfort ultimately depends on the type and material/physical makeup of the mat itself. Some rubber mats come with natural rubber, which makes them softer or gives them more of a cushion. Other rubber mats have air pockets underneath to offer support and cushion for those standing on the surface.

The ideal rubber mats on boat decks combine comfort and traction
The ideal rubber mats on boat decks combine comfort and traction

Naturally, boats are slippery areas simply because of all the water that gets on them. The rubber mats available today are made to be non-slip and have options that come in one whole solid piece or in mats that have drainage holes designed into them. These mats offer a non-slip surface to stand and walk on regardless if they have drainage holes or not. The mats with drainage holes just allow the water to drain easily away from the surface compared to other products that do not have this design. These matting products help keep your mind off sliding around on the deck and lets you focus more on what you want to do on the boat deck.

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