3 Reasons Why You Should Install a Fitness Equipment Mat in Your Home Gym

In times like now, where COVID-19 prevents people from venturing out of their homes too often, many have opted to start working out at home. Fitness machines and equipment can be extremely heavy and damaging and what most people don’t take into consideration before buying a fitness equipment mat can prove to be a pricy mistake. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should purchase a fitness equipment mat for your home gym.

  1. Floor Protection

Expensive flooring such as hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile are just as expensive to install as it is to get repaired. The addition of a fitness equipment mat can help prevent your floors from being damaged. The secret to this lies within the rubber material itself. You see, rubber is thick enough to provide and naturally extremely durable providing sufficient padding between the surface of your beautiful floors and any damaging force.

  1. Equipment Protection

The constant rattling and shaking of a fitness machine against the floor can cause extensive damage to the machine itself including abrasions and dents on its underside. A fitness equipment mat will offer a barrier between the underside of your fitness machine and your floors and will distribute the vibrations evenly across the surface of the mat to further prevent damage to your floors.

  1. Noise Reduction

Those living in an apartment, especially those on the second floor or above, can benefit from the noise reducing qualities of a fitness equipment mat. Depending on the material of the flooring beneath your fitness machine should determine how thick of a mat should be used to sufficiently reduce noise. Compared to other fitness equipment matting options, such as PCV, rubber fitness equipment mats are thick enough to efficiently reduce the amount of noise created by the vibrations of the machines.

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