Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Rubber Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue mats are floor mats that are designed to maximize the comfort of whoever is standing on it. These mats are generally thicker than your average rubber mat and are usually used in places of work or other areas where it is required to be on your feet for extended periods of time. They are typically 1/2 an inch to 1-inch-thick to provide enough cushion to support the weight of a person while providing a comfortable barrier between your feet and the hard surface beneath. Now, let’s get into the reasons why anti-fatigue mats are an investment worth making.

#1 – Reduce Fatigue

Living up to its namesake, anti-fatigue mats are designed to prevent fatigue and improve the comfort of those standing or walking on it. Fatigue can reduce the amount of productivity in the workplace, especially if employers do not take the correct measures to keep their employees comfortable throughout their shift.

Click the image above to view our rubberized gel foam comfort mats!
Click the image above to view our rubberized gel foam comfort mats!

#2 – Promote Productivity

Jobs that are more susceptible to decreased productivity due to fatigue include those that require their employees to be on their feet for the majority of their shift. No one wants to keep working when they are tired; especially when their feet are hurting from walking or standing. Not only can long hours on your feet decrease productivity due to fatigue, but it can also cause injuries that may completely prevent employees from doing their job. Therefore, the addition of a comfortable rubber anti-fatigue mat can promote productivity and create an efficient work environment.

Click the image above to view the product description for "Foot Rest" Anti-Fatigue Mats!
Click the image above to view the product description for “Foot Rest” Anti-Fatigue Mats!

#3 – Reduce Chances of Health Problems

Studies have shown that extensive standing or walking can put excessive stress and pressure on your lower back and leg joints such as your knees and ankles, in both adults and in adolescents. Because of such risks, employers are generally recommended to place anti fatigue mats in areas their employees would be standing or walking throughout their shift. Further research shows that children and adolescents can also be affected by such problems simply by overusing their growing bodies.

Anti-fatigue mats are beneficial to everyone in various fields of work and of all ages. Click the link below to read our article on anti-fatigue matting and learn more ways on how they can benefit you!

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