How to Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls

The most popular method people use to prevent slips, trips and falls is by implementing rubber mats, stair treads, and runners to areas where the surface may get wet to create safe and non-slip surfaces. Rubber retains the qualities needed to provide a safe and non-slip walkway, such moisture-resistance, resistance to weathering, and durability under heavily traversed areas. Non-slip rubber products are often available with unique surface patterns to help enhance rubber’s natural non-slip qualities. Continue reading to learn more about each of these products!

Rubber Drainage Mats

Rubber drainage mats are ideal for bathrooms that are frequently used such as public bathrooms. This form of rubber mat is covered with numerous drainage holes to prevent moisture from pooling at its surface. Rubber can naturally retain traction when wet, but some drainage mats feature a surface pattern as well to enhance rubber’s natural abilities. These surface patterns provide raised protrusions that allow feet to firmly grip onto the surface of the mat which further promotes non-slip surfaces.

Solid Rubber Mats

Solid rubber mats, unlike drainage mats, relies solely on the non-slip material and the surface patterns and texture to create non-slip surfaces. Rubber mats can feature surface patterns, or textures, that provide numerous small protrusions on the surface of the mat that will help your feet grip onto the mat, avoiding slips. The surface texture of recycled rubber mats is created naturally during the production of recycled rubber material that essentially binds crumb rubber together which creates the unique rough surface texture. Furthermore, solid rubber matting is available in longer lengths to cover walkways, paths, and ramps.

Rubber Stair Treads

To prevent slips on stairs, non-slip rubber stair treads can be placed on each step to provide non-slip surfaces to safely traverse as well as protecting the steps from damage. Wet weather or spilt liquids can create slick steps and cause slips and falls that can lead to serious injuries. Additionally, uneven steps are another common cause of falls on stairs. Rubber is a highly durable material that will resist weathering to provide a solid and level step. Non-slip rubber stair treads not only prevent slips but can also prevent damages to steps that may also be a hazard.

Rubber mats are the best and easiest way to create safe and non-slip surfaces in commercial and residential environments. Not only do they help naturally increase traction, but they also help protect the integrity of the existing surfaces. Click the link below to learn more about anti-slip rubber products, click the link below!

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