Rubber Playground Tiles: Ideal Safety Surfacing

Creating a soft playground surface is important in creating a safe environment for children to play on without worry of possible life-threatening injuries. A recycled rubber playground surface made from interlocking recycled rubber crumb playground tiles retains outstanding environmental resistance properties and can create safe and soft playground flooring. In addition, because most playground injuries occur because of falls off playground equipment and onto a hard surface, playground equipment flooring should have shock absorption properties to ensure safety. Furthermore, rubber playground tiles are ideal playground surfacing options due to their natural non-slip properties that are not affected by wet weather conditions.

Recycled Rubber Crumb

Rubber playground tiles are made of recycled rubber crumb due to their excellent environmental resistance and cushioning properties. Rubber is the ideal material for creating playground equipment flooring because it can offer a level of safety by providing a safe and soft playground surface. A recycled rubber playground surface, in particular, is the ideal playground flooring option due to its excellent environmental resistance properties that allows it to remain outdoors indefinitely without worry of damage. Recycled rubber is considered a tire derived product, or TDP, meaning it is made of post-consumer vehicle tire rubber that has been ground up and re-adhered. It retains excellent environmental resistance properties as vehicle tires experience rough terrain and weather daily; therefore, products made from recycled rubber will retain the same durable properties, making it the ideal material for creating outdoor play tiles. Rubber playground tiles made of recycled rubber crumb are the ideal playground surfacing products due to their long-lasting outdoor properties as well as their excellent safety features.safety_mats_for_playgrounds

Ideal Safety Surfacing for Kids

Rubber flooring is good for kids due to its shock absorbing and traction-enhancing properties. Rubber playground tiles offer a softer surface than other playground surfacing options, including wood chips, sand, or turf, thanks to their superior shock absorption properties. Harder surfaces can cause more serious injuries, especially when they involve any sort of head injury. Contrastingly, rubber playground tiles, although strong and durable, are soft and can absorb the force of impact. Outdoor play tiles also offer a naturally grippy surface that helps further prevent slip and fall accidents by enhancing traction.Eco-Safety_3_Top_Bottom_Large (1)

A recycled rubber playground surface is the ideal playground surfacing option due to all the safety benefits recycled rubber can offer. Rubber playground tiles made of recycled rubber crumb can offer excellent shock absorption and non-slip properties that ensure a safe surface for children. Overall, rubber playground tiles not only offer a safe and non-slip playground surface, but they also offer long-lasting durability in the face of harsh environmental conditions.

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