Rubber Playground Surface – Safe and durable

Ask kids what their favorite place is, and many of them would say it’s the playground. For youngsters, playgrounds are magical places where they can be active and have fun with their friends. Therefore, playgrounds should not only be entertaining and exciting places — they also need to be safe.

But sadly, safe playgrounds with rubber surfaces are not yet the norm. In fact, many of them are more hazardous than they should be, mainly because they don’t use rubber surfacing. The good news is that safer materials such as rubber are now increasingly used when designing playgrounds. A rubber playground surface can go a long way in preventing serious injuries when children accidentally fall.

There are many types of playground surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, grass, sand, pea gravel, and wood. But by far the safest and most durable among them is rubber. Whether it is poured in place or made into mats or tiles, rubber is the most suitable for kids’ playgrounds because of the following characteristics:

  • Solid surface – Rubber has a smooth and solid surface. It decreases the chances of tripping, and even when children fall, they aren’t likely to get scratches. Anything hazardous is easy to spot on a solid surface playground, which is not the case with a sand playground.
  • Non-slip and has strong grip – Rubber provides excellent traction, which is why they are used for making hiking shoes in the first place. Rubber playground surfaces can reduce slippage when children are running around. Even when this type of playground surface gets wet, children won’t slip because the rubber provides more grip for their feet or shoes.
  • Cushion – Children can be severely injured when they fall on asphalt, concrete, or wood. Rubber, on the other hand, is hard yet cushioned. It provides a degree of bounce so that it is comfortable to walk on. It is also shock-absorbent, minimizing the possibility of serious injuries like broken bones, even if a child is falling from a piece of playground apparatus.

Do you need to order rubber for your playground project? For your convenience, look for an online contractor that will ship your orders fast. Choose a store that sells a variety of rubber playground surfaces in different colors. If you have specific requirements, ask if they allow customization.

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