How to Protect Grass Underneath Swings

Grass underneath swing sets can be protected with the use of rubber drainage mats. Rubber drainage mats are made of tire derived reclaimed rubber, allowing them to be durable outdoor padded play mats. Rubber surface material can protect the growth of the grass and will prevent the ground from becoming worn down and uneven. Available in two forms, rubber drainage mats can be customized to fit the size and type of the swing set. Recycled and reclaimed rubber mats offer excellent shock absorption and non-slip capabilities that offer excellent safety padding while also allowing grass to grow without damage.

You can keep grass under a swing set by using rubber drainage swing mats that allow grass to grow through their drainage holes. The benefits of using rubber drainage mats are twofold. Firstly, rubber swing set safety mats offer excellent shock absorption in case of a fall off the swing. Secondly, rubber drainage mats allow grass to grow through its drainage holes to help prevent uneven surfaces by providing a barrier over the soft dirt. Rubber drainage swing mats are available in two forms: interlocking tiles and individual mats. Having two forms of swing set safety mats allows for customizable swing set surfacing for a sufficiently padded use zone.Dura_Chef_Interlock_Corner_Large

Because there are two types of swings, the customizable option is highly beneficial. Single-axis and multi-axis swings are the two main types of swings found in playgrounds. A single-axis swing moves back and forth while multi-axis swings move in all directions (i.e., tire swings). The ground under a single-axis swing is prone to becoming damaged and worn down, especially when it is a grass or dirt surface. Individual drainage swing mats can be placed where the ground under the swing where children kick off and drag their feet to stop swinging. The drainage outdoor padded play mats allow grass to grow through the drainage holes while the rubber surface material protects the dirt and growth of the grass. Furthermore, the drainage holes allow the grass to be watered whereas solid mats prevent the covered grass from being watered and will flatten the grass. Contrastingly, multi-axis swings will greatly benefit with the use of interlocking drainage swing mats as its use zone is much larger than that of single-axis swings.Dura_Chef_7_8_Top_and_Bottom_Large

Rubber drainage swing mats are the ideal swing set surfacing option for grassy areas. Not only will they be excellent swing set safety mats, but they will also be protective mats for the grass under and around swings. Interlocking rubber drainage tiles allow you to create a protective surface around the swing to provide padding in case of a fall as well as a protective barrier for the grass. The outdoor padded play mats offer sufficient cushioning around the use zone around both single-axis and multi-axis swings.

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