Neoprene Rubber Sheets: Best for Garage Floorings

Neoprene is a type of material that can be used in floorings and coverings. These sheets have many applications, depending on the properties of the neoprene used. They can have extreme variations in their hardness levels too, based on their durometer readings. The durometer measures density, and can be a great indicator of flexibility, with neoprene coming in both hard and soft forms. Harder neoprene sheets can be used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Resistant to grease, oils, and petroleum

There’s a good chance your garage is filled with different chemicals, along with automotive and home products. You need to protect your flooring, and a good way to do so is by installing neoprene rubber sheets that are resistant to grease, oils, and petroleum. Now you can use your garage for all sorts of projects without having to worry about ruining or damaging your flooring.

Resistant to UV rays

Neoprene rubber sheets are also resilient against UV rays. This allows them to last for many years without disintegrating, even when they are constantly exposed to the sun.

Available in different sizes

You can get neoprene sheets in various thicknesses. For a specific purpose, you will need a neoprene sheet of a certain thickness. These sheets are available in depths that measure 3/4″, 1/2”, 3/8”, 1/4″, 3/16”, 1/8”, 1/16”, 3/32”, 1”, 3/4″, 1/4″, 1/8” and 1/16”. Getting a thicker neoprene sheet might be a good idea if your garage is used for heavier loads and sustains regular foot traffic.

Neoprene is also available in different widths. Choose from a selection of 36-inch, 48-inch, and even 72-inch wide rubber sheets.

Resistant to high temperatures

Neoprene rubber sheets are very durable against high temperatures. If you are going to use machines and other devices with temperatures ranging between -20° F and 212° F, you can use these sheeting types for your garage flooring.

Different durometer ratings

You can get neoprene rubber sheets with various durometer ratings, including 60A, 70A and even 80A for your garage floors. The 80 Shore A durometer rating is one of the highest. These are hard rubber sheets that prevent physical indentations and permanent damage from external sources.

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