Expert Picks: Favorite Gym Flooring

There is a large variety of different types of gym flooring out there. For the average consumer who is just getting into the market for rubber flooring for their gyms, it can be quite an intimidating prospect. We asked the experts at Rubber-Cal about their favorite types of gym flooring. These guys know a thing or two about all things related to rubber flooring, and the gym flooring segment is a big part of their clientele.

An example of rubber flooring in a gym

David Benavides:  

“My favorite type of flooring in a home gym is rubber flooring. The reason is that the rubber flooring works so well in absorbing any shock or vibration of weights being dropped or treadmills vibrating. The rubber mats and flooring options available today also help protect the floor underneath so you don’t have to worry about denting your hard wood floors or tiles below the rubber. One of the best parts is that this flooring option is easy to install so there is no need for you to pay for expensive professional installers. Overall rubber gym flooring excels in multiple areas from being long lasting, durable, easy to clean, easy to install and some products even have color options available as well. You can’t go wrong with rubber flooring in your home gym.”

Brian Holst:

“My favorite type of gym flooring is the ZCycle Interlocking Rubber Tile. Their interlocking tile design make them easy to install in my home gym, since they don’t require any cutting at home, and don’t need an adhesive to stay in place. I use a treadmill and light free weights at home, and the ZCycle tiles offer my floor ample protection from dropped weights and long-term use of the treadmill. I also like that the tiles are thick enough that they’ll still protect the floor if I decide to start using heavier free weights, in the future.   The tiles are simple to keep clean, and I find that the white fleck in the tiles liven up the floor’s look!”

Rubber tiles like the "Zcycle" interlock by their edges.
Rubber tiles like the “Zcycle” interlock by their edges.

Stuart Salling:

“When it comes to my home gym, the main concern is protecting my floor and equipment from damaging each other. This is why I recommend Armor-Lock Fitness rubber tiles under a free weight area while utilizing the durability of a treadmill mat to protect the floor from the legs of the treadmill. The Armor-Lock Fitness tiles are ideal for a free weight work out area because it allows you to create a mat with the perfect dimensions to cover as much area as you need. Another benefit of these tiles is the ease of installation. The jigsaw patterns along the sides of the tiles enable you to interlock them in a very quick fashion.”

The "Armor-Lock" tiles are built for rugged gym use.
The “Armor-Lock” tiles are built for rugged gym use.

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