Diamond Plate Flooring

The other day I was talking to an individual who was on the lookout for new flooring for his personal mancave. Let’s call him Jake. He’s a unique person who is one-half active athlete and one-half video game enthusiast. He is currently in the process of renovating his basement, a large 2000 sq ft area, into his own personal mancave. Unfortunately, the flooring is cement. To make it worse, it is worn and ugly cement. It will simply not do for an area where he expects to spend most of his free time.

This place can use a renovation
This place can use a renovation


Jake wants a new floor in his basement that is both functional and rugged in appearance, much like he is. But after going on the search for flooring, his mind was blown away by all the options available to him. I helped him narrow down his options after a long back-and-forth and he eventually settled on a particular style of flooring. I say style instead of product because he is still considering a few different options. However, the flooring products he is looking at all share one common feature – the diamond plate design pattern.

Diamond plate flooring is a very popular style of flooring because it brings a lot of visual appeal with it.This design can be found on flooring rolls made from materials such as rubber and PVC. Although certain variations exist within this design, the common trait is that the design is composed of short straight lines or groups of lines arranged in an angular pattern that takes the shape of a diamond or squares. These lines are also slightly raised from the actual standing surface of the flooring.


Diamond plate flooring serves the very important practical function of slip resistance. Jake is a hyperactive person (he will tell you so himself) so he requires some slip-resistance from his flooring. Diamond plate flooring is the perfect candidate for this purpose because of the raised texture lines on their surfaces. They are typically arranged in a pattern that increases the toehold and traction you experience when you walk or run on them. Overall, this pattern helps to provide for a more slip-resistant walking surface. If you want a bit of security from your flooring, the diamond plate options are the go-to no-brainer choice.

One particular product I mentioned to Jake is the “Diamond-Plate (Metallic)” PVC flooring from Rubber-Cal. Not only does it have a slip-resistant diamond plate pattern on its surface, it is available in cool metallic color options such as silver and beige. Jake loved this flooring roll because of its rugged industrial look. Even better for him is the fact that the PVC is very durable and the roll itself is super easy to install with the help of double-sided tape.


Diamond plate flooring is widely available in roll form, but also in interlocking tile options. This aesthetic is suitable for both commercial areas such as offices and lobbies but also for the more industrial settings such as warehouses and workshops. At the end of the day, consumers have options to choose from. I’m pretty confident that Jake is already set on the style of diamond plate flooring, but all he has to do now is choose one particular product for his brand new mancave. If you have a similar personal renovation project, definitely consider having a closer look at diamond plate flooring options.

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