Rolled Rubber Flooring Ideas

Rubber flooring is often available in the form of a roll. I would say maybe 50% of the time when people are searching for new rubber flooring, they opt for a rolled rubber flooring product. Why is this? Quite simply, rolls are simple to install and have the potential to cover a lot of square footage. If you need to cover a large room from wall-to-wall, or simply place a roll along a specified walkway, a rubber flooring roll will be able to do the job effectively. The exact sizes of rolls tend to vary, but the industry standard tends to stay at a consistent 4ft in width and a maximum of 50ft in length. If you are looking for some good rolled rubber flooring options, take a moment to consider these two popular options from Rubber-Cal.

Terra-Flex Premium Rubber Flooring:

Terra-Flex rolled rubber flooring is the solution for areas of the house where you’d like to use rubber flooring, but need superior aesthetics to what’s available in various recycled rubber options. These rolls come in 4 color options that mimic the look of stone/rocks, giving homeowners a wider range of choices than the usual black, brown and red. Terra-Flex flooring is also made using natural vanilla extract, which mitigates the rubbery smell that come with many recycled and reclaimed rubber products. Made of a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber, its also highly durable and will hold up to heavy day-to-day foot traffic.


The combination of premium qualities contained in Terra-Flex rolled rubber flooring makes it a superb option for homeowners who would like rubber flooring in areas like a kitchen or dining room, where rubber’s ease of cleaning and durability are desired, but the flooring needs an appealing color palette to match an existing interior design. Kitchens, as well as other areas of the home, benefit from the floor’s Class 1, ASTM E648 fireproof rating—good news for smokers, in particular! Terra-Flex is also a lively, colorful option to rooms in a home like laundry rooms, pantries, bathrooms, even a playroom for children.

Super-Grip Scraper Rubber Rolls:

Rubber-Cal’s Super-Grip Scraper rubber runners work well as a heavy-duty alternative to residential spaces in which someone would use a corrugated rubber runner. At 20mm thick, they’re nearly double the thickness of the corrugated runners, while also containing a mixture of rubber with the key ingredient of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) that makes those products suited for outdoor use, since SBR is resistant to UV rays and ozone. Though Super-Grip Scraper comes in rolls 50 feet long, custom cuts are available, so a smaller swath of the material works well as a doormat in front of a home’s door. The product’s surface, comprised of a series of small pyramid-like shapes, work their way into the soles of shoes and remove dirt and debris before a person enters the house.   As a runner, Super-Grip Scraper can also be used to line a concrete pathway in the front yard or backyard of homes that lie in rainy or snowy climates. The raised surface creates by the pyramidal grip of the runner creates a raised surface from pooling precipitation, providing anti-slip protection in concert with rubber’s natural traction.


In apartment complexes and condominium buildings, Super-Grip Scraper rolled rubber flooring also has many potential uses. They can, of course, be used in all of the same ways that apply to a single-family home: as a doormat, or as a runner through outdoor pathways that run between buildings in a larger apartment community. But they can also be used as a runner indoors, particularly in garage structures, where they create a pathway towards stairs or elevators that provide better traction than bare cement. Super-Grip Scraper also works well as an anti-slip flooring for an apartment unit’s outdoor balcony or patio!

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