Choose Wet Flooring Mats for Wet Areas

Moist and slick floors can be hazardous. Some types of surfaces, like laminate and tiles, become slippery when wet, causing accidents that can be costly to your business. High-quality wet flooring mats can prevent slips and falls. Anti-slip floor mats are great for areas that are often wet or moist. They provide an affordable way to ensure safety at your business, while reducing the risks of moisture accumulation.

Anti-slip and anti-skid floor mats have enhanced traction, which helps keep your feet in place and prevent slipping. They are safe in wet areas, like restaurant kitchens and manufacturing rooms, where loose liquids are likely to spill. They are often made of high-quality rubber or PVC, materials that dry easily to prevent moisture from accumulating or mold from growing. Some wet flooring mats have a corrugated composite rib surface to provide an extra toehold when moist or wet. For outdoor use, consider mats that are made of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), which resists dirt, mud, snow, and rain. This material also guards effectively against chemicals and liquid spills, and the design helps you to scrape mud and dirt off of shoes.

Some wet flooring mats are made of PVC, with an S-shaped pattern throughout to provide grip. They provide reliable traction in wet areas, while allowing excess liquids to drain away. They are ideal as kitchen runners in food service areas, as well as matting in carwash facilities and locker rooms. This material also resists grease and oil.

Wet flooring rubber mats with a diamond plate pattern are ideal for industrial and commercial areas that require a rugged and tough aesthetic. The raised line of patterns provides traction, especially when placed on tile or wood base flooring. They are easy to clean, too. Of course, all rubber flooring is low-maintenance due to its ability to deter mold and mildew growth.


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