Rubber: The Ultimate Shock-Absorber

Rubber retains unique physical properties that allow it to absorb the force of impact as well as cutting down the overall noise coming from an area. A rubber mat has the ability to absorb incoming energy, such as vibrations or heavy items being dropped, and dissipates the energy so the subflooring underneath will receive very little of that impact force. Thicker rubber mats or rolls can offer more padding and protection than thinner mats; however, it is important to understand that rubber can significantly reduce chances of damage, but it will not be able to completely eliminate the impact energy. Rubber will be able to provide excellent shock-absorption in both industrial and residential settings.

Industrial Settings

In industrial settings, rubber can be seen in the form of gaskets, liners, and shock absorbing mats. Industrial workplaces are constantly using heavy-duty machinery that are always actively running; rubber gaskets or liners are used as a shield between two moving parts of a machine to prevent damage. Without a rubber shock absorber, the constant rubbing of two parts of a machine can eventually cause damage and render the machine useless.

Residential Settings

Rubber can benefit homeowners by providing a noise-reducing barrier and protective floor covering for delicate home flooring options, such as hardwood, when working out or using a fitness machine. In addition, it can help reduce noise to prevent disturbing neighbors. A shock absorbing rubber mat reduces sound by evenly dispersing the vibrations of a fitness machine across the surface of the mat. Rubber effectively disperses the vibrations evenly across the surface of the mat to prevent damaging energy from reaching the floor.

Click the image above to view our brand new "Shark Tooth II" heavy-Duty Floor Mat!
Click the image above to view our brand new “Shark Tooth II” heavy-Duty Floor Mat!

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