Areas in a Gym That Need Rubber Mats

The gym floor is subject to a lot of use and abuse. Gym equipment tends to be heavy and may grind or scrape the floor over time—and repairs and replacement might be costly. Without proper protection, the floors can deteriorate and get damaged faster, becoming dangerous for certain activities. Hence, it makes sense to install high-quality rubber mats in areas that need them most.

Regardless of whether you have a home gym or a commercial one, the following areas that will need rubber mats:

  • Areas where people perform impact exercises – Install rubber mats in areas where people perform impact exercises. That way, they can provide cushioning when someone falls, whether accidentally or as part of an exercise. Hard flooring, like wood and tiles, can break under sudden impact and is uncomfortable when you fall on it.
  • Areas where people lift – Rubber mats absorb the impact of weights and dumbbells when someone accidentally drops them. Likewise, they dampen the noise when metal weights are accidentally dropped and land on the floor. They provide cushioning and prevent damage to the flooring underneath when weights are dropped, too.
  • Areas where treadmills are – You never can tell when someone might fall off the treadmill or accidentally trip while running or walking. Hence, install some rubber mats around treadmills to provide cushioning in case someone falls.
  • Underneath exercise machines – Some exercise machines make hard contact with the floor or vibrate a lot, damaging both the floor and the machine. Rubber mats can help minimize vibrations, friction, and contact, thus prolonging the life and quality of both the flooring and machines.
  • Areas where people do aerobics and stretching – Rubber mats help prevent slipping and falling while you stretch, warm-up, do aerobics, or dance.

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