All You Need to Know About How Silicone Rubber Sheets Handle Extreme Temperatures

Widely used in industrial and commercial settings, silicone rubber sheets are suitable for applications that involve extreme temperatures. High-quality silicone rubber sheets that are designed for industrial jobs can withstand heats of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and freezing temperatures reaching -103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extreme-temperature silicone rubber sheets are available in varying thicknesses, and you can order them based on your intended usage and specific requirements. These sheets can be as thin as 1/32 of an inch, and as thick as 1/4 inch. The thickness (or thinness) does not reduce the capability of the silicone to retain and resist extreme temperatures.

Did you know that silicone also makes for a great sealing and gasket material because of its ability to handle varying and intermittent spikes in temperatures? Silicone rubber sheets are widely used to create tight seals, such as on machinery to prevent air and gas leaks. They have durometer readings of 50-65, which make them the best fit for seals and gaskets. The moderate durability of the silicone sheets allows manipulation, but allows it to maintain its resistance to physical indentation.

Silicone rubber sheets are also resistant to bacteria, so they are perfect for applications where sanitation is essential. You can use them in contained areas that need to be protected from fungus accumulation. High quality silicone rubber sheets have special inert compounds that make them inhospitable to such growths.

Aside from inherent high flexibility and temperature resistance, silicone rubber sheets have excellent water resistance and superior electrical insulation properties as well. They are also available in many different colors, so you will have no problems choosing some suitable sheets to complement your project. Some of the hues that you can choose include gray, red, orange, black and blue. You can even order silicone rubber sheets in different sizes and thicknesses.

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