A Non-Slip Rubber Surface Says No Need to Watch Your Steps

Safe and ergonomic floor covering is a must, especially in high-traffic, industrial, as well as commercial areas. Of the many different types of floor surface coverings, rubber is probably the most practical option, providing a wide range of advantages, ranging from safety and protection to comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness. A rubber floor surface can reduce accidents as rubber lends anti-slip properties that protect people from slipping hazards, such as excessively smooth floors, spills, and moisture. Below are other reasons why you should consider rubber floor coverings at home or in your place of work/business:

  • Rubber floors increase surface comfort. This can be especially significant in work spaces where employees have to endure standing for prolonged periods. Rubber mats and floor coverings create a softer surface to stand on so as to provide cushioning under the feet. This reduces strain on the feet and legs, all the way up to the back and neck.
  • Rubber floors’ anti-slip properties add a safety feature to your flooring, thus reducing the risk of accidental slips and falls. Many high-traffic areas such as commercial establishments, workplace halls, and even staircases are usually covered in rubber matting to take advantage of its anti-slip properties.
  • Rubber floors absorb noise. Not only do rubber floor covers create additional padding under the feet, they also help create a sound barrier that absorbs sounds and vibrations, effectively soundproofing a work area where machine or equipment noise can be an issue.
  • Rubber floors are eco-friendly. Some rubber products are made from natural rubber, which is organic and highly sustainable. Other rubber products, including those used for rubber floor coverings, are made out of recycled rubber. In either case, this makes rubber floors an eco-friendly choice over other flooring systems, not to mention an affordable alternative that requires little-to-no maintenance and can easily withstand years of use.

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