4 Reasons Why You Need Anti-Fatigue Matting

Those required to be on their feet for extended periods of time are recommended to invest in comfort mats for their general health and well-being. Various health problems can arise from being on your feet too long including joint and back pain which can lead to long-term problems such as arthritis or other, more serious issues including cardiovascular problems. Not only are anti-fatigue mats beneficial to adults, they are also beneficial to growing children and adolescents who can be affected by joint and back pain because of their growing bodies. The versatility and wide variety of fatigue matting makes them the ideal choice in bringing comfort to any job site, children’s play area or residential settings. Here are some benefits comfort mats can offer you! Continue reading:

#1 – Reduce Fatigue and Promote Productivity

Living up to its namesake, comfort, or anti-fatigue, mats are designed to prevent fatigue and improve the comfort of those standing or walking on it. Fatigue can reduce the amount of productivity in the workplace especially if employers do not take the correct measures to keep their employees comfortable throughout their shift. Jobs that are more susceptible to decreased productivity due to fatigue include jobs that require their employees to be on their feet for the majority of their shift. No one wants to keep working when they are tired; especially when their feet are hurting from walking or standing. Not only can long hours on your feet decrease productivity due to fatigue, but it can also cause injuries that may completely prevent employees from doing their job. The addition of anti-fatigue matting in the workplace can prove to promote productivity by creating a safe and comfortable work environment.

#2 – Reduce Chances of Health Problems

Any job requiring their employees to be on their feet for extended periods of time should be investing in some quality anti-fatigue mats. Studies have shown that extensive standing or walking can put excessive stress and pressure on your lower back and leg joints such as your knees and ankles. Because of such risks, employers are generally recommended to place anti-fatigue mats in areas their employees would be standing or walking throughout their shift. Further research shows that children and adolescents can also be affected by such problems simply by overusing their growing bodies. So, parents with playrooms or playgrounds should consider investing in fatigue mats for their children.

#3 – Versatility

With the versatility of a comfort mat, you can be rest assured that there are fatigue mats suited for your specific situation. There is a wide variety of different anti-fatigue mats available with different characteristics that offers added benefits such as customizable sizing and added drainage. For customizable sizing, interlocking tiles are available for your convenience as well as pre-cut mats. Fatigue matting with drainage holes are also available for areas that can come into contact with an excessive amount of moisture such as restaurants and commercial kitchens.

#4 – Cost

Last, but certainly not least, the cost of anti-fatigue matting will keep both your wallet and body happy! A $75 to $150 comfort mat is a small investment to make to ensure employees are comfortable and productive. The most popular, yet the most time consuming, way most employers increase productivity of their employees is to train and retrain. Of course, investing in training is a definite way to increase productivity as the employee will have a better understanding of the task required of them; however, the time it takes to train and retrain could be time spent doing more productive work. Often times, when people are uncomfortable, it is harder for them to focus on anything. The addition of anti-fatigue mats in the workplace will allow employees to retain information better during training since they will be more comfortable and willing to learn.

Anti-fatigue mats are beneficial to everyone of all ages and in various fields of work. Without the addition of a comfort mat in the work place, the general health of employees is at risk if the task requires employees to be on their feet for extended periods of time. Not only are adults at risk of health problems, studies have proven that children and adolescents are also at risk of unwanted health problems due to their growing bodies. Anti-fatigue mats are also extremely versatile and are available in customizable forms for larger spaces as well as pre-cut lengths for single work stations.

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