Choosing a Kitchen Mat

A kitchen mat can provide safety and comfort in any kitchen, both commercial and residential. Cooking can get messy and floors can become wet and dangerous for everyone in the kitchen, especially with piping hot pots and pans on the stove. These waterproof floor mats are ideal for minimizing the chances of slips, trips and falls in the kitchen. There are many different types of kitchen floor mats available ranging from interlocking kitchen mat tiles to single station mats, all available as drainage mats or as a comfort kitchen mat. Whether you are looking for residential kitchen flooring or commercial flooring, a kitchen mat is sure to bring you safety and comfort wherever you decide to use it.

Kitchen mats are not made specifically for commercial kitchens and can be used in residential settings as well. The main different between these two different locations is the level of wear and tear a kitchen mat it that area will receive and how often they will need to be cleaned. Residential kitchen tends to see a lot less wear and tear and messes than commercial kitchens. Kitchen mats are generally heavy enough to be used without any adhesives and can be loose laid onto your kitchen floor. Another factor to take into consideration when deciding which chef’s mat is best suited for your residential or commercial kitchen is the level of comfort desired. The thicker the mat the more cushioning it will provide between you and the hard surface underneath the mat.

Here are three types of kitchen mats to choose from depending on how big the kitchen is and whether or not it is residential or commercial:

Interlocking Kitchen Tiles

Interlocking tiles are one of the most customizable kitchen floor mats available on the market. Its interlocking mechanism allows you to customize the size of your kitchen mat simply by adding or removing some tiles. These tiles do not require any adhesives to install; just connect the tiles together and you’re done! This allows the tiles to move with whatever is moving on its surface giving interlocking tiles longer and better life. Additionally, the no-adhesive installation allows these kitchen floor mats to be moved around the kitchen to wherever you are standing making them the most mobile form of matting available.

Custom Cut Rolls

A custom cut kitchen mat is generally used to cover larger spaces or if you need to cover wall-to-wall spaces. This makes custom cut rolls ideal for commercial restaurant kitchens where there is heavy foot traffic and more materials out and about being used. In addition, custom cut rolls can be available with drainage hole to help prevent the pooling of moisture on the floor’s surface which can be a highly beneficial safety feature especially in commercial kitchens.

Single Station Mats

A single station kitchen mat comes in pre-cut lengths with a set width and are available in varying lengths. Sizes range from small to large depending on how large your work/cook stations are and the environment you are working in: residential or commercial. They will thrive serving as a chefs mat since they are meant to be stationary and are generally used as a comfort kitchen mat. With smaller sizes available, this single station chefs mat is ideal for residential kitchens.

Finding a proper kitchen mat for your residential or commercial kitchen is a necessity for keeping your floors safe and clean while you cook. They are the perfect waterproof floor mats available for keeping both residential and commercial kitchen safe from any dangerous slips and falls. Whether you are looking for drainage mats or a comfort kitchen mat to add to your residential or commercial kitchen, there are customizable options available so you will not have to stress over finding the right size matting for your kitchen floor.

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