What is Reclaimed Rubber?

A popular option rubber flooring can be made of is reclaimed rubber. Like recycled rubber, reclaimed rubber is made up of old or discarded vehicle tires; however, unlike recycled rubber, reclaimed rubber goes through a process called “vulcanization” which essentially melds the pieces of rubber together using extreme heat. To be more specific, vulcanization is the process in with discarded rubber is heated with sulfur to meld the pieces of rubber together to form one large solid piece of rubber. Since it is made from the same material as recycled rubber, reclaimed rubber flooring is just as durable and all-weather as recycled rubber flooring is, if not more all-weather. Due to its production process, reclaimed rubber is slightly more moisture-resistant. Reclaimed rubber is a smooth and solid piece of rubber while recycled rubber is slightly porous.Armor_Lock_Corner_Large

Using reclaimed rubber offers the best of both worlds by being a cost-effective rubber material that is also extremely durable and long-lasting. Reclaimed rubber is a highly resilient rubber variation that is able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Due to these properties, reclaimed rubber will provide a long-lasting application in highly abrasive settings. Made of post-consumer tire rubber, reclaimed rubber is inherently resistant to UV rays, ozone, and moisture. Reclaimed rubber is made through the vulcanization of old vehicle tires that form a solid sheet of rubber. This creates a non-porous material that will resist the permeation of moisture, even when left unattended for a long period of time.

Rubber-Cal makes every effort to reduce non-biodegradable materials out in the environment. Rubber is not a biodegradable material meaning it will last in the environment for years taking up space in landfills. By using reclaimed rubber, you are aiding in reducing the number of harmful materials that are out in nature. Reclaimed rubber is a popular material used in the production of flooring products due to its excellent durability and non-slip properties. It is able to absorb the force of impact and protect subfloors underneath from damage. Due to rubber’s natural high coefficient of friction, it is able to offer non-slip safety even in the presence of moisture.

Reclaimed rubber promotes eco-friendly alternatives to disposal/waste. Learn more about reclaimed rubber and how it can be beneficial to you and your project, click here!

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