5 of Rubber-Cal’s Most Popular Products!

Rubber-Cal offers a wide selection of rubber flooring rolls, flooring tiles, and mats as well as PVC flooring rolls. We do our very best to offer our customers the highest of quality rubber and PVC products at an affordable price. Rubber-Cal’s rubber and PVC flooring products and rubber mats are made with resilient materials that are designed to efficiently protect your existing floors. Here are 5 of Rubber-Cal’s most popular rubber and PVC flooring products:

  1. Elephant Bark Rubberized Flooring Rolls

Rubber-Cal’s Elephant Bark Rubberized Flooring Rolls are made of 100% recycled U.S. rubber. The recycled rubber material is a highly durable rubber variation as it is derived from post-consumer vehicle tire rubber that makes this rubber variation extremely resilient against abrasions and weathering. This rubber flooring roll is designed to offer excellent resistance against environmental factors, such as UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor versatile use. Elephant Bark is available in 3 different thicknesses, depending on the degree of abrasiveness, and is offered in 50-foot rolls or in custom lengths up to 50 feet.Elephant_Bark_Entry_Shots_1000 (2)
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  1. Maxx-Tuff Heavy-Duty Mats

The Maxx-Tuff Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats are made of both synthetic SBR and reclaimed rubber materials. The mixture of these two rubber materials gives this heavy-duty mat the ability to withstand more abrasive environments. Those who purchase this mat often use it to as floor matting to protect their floors from vibrating machinery, in both industrial and residential settings. This heavy-duty mat is a hefty 1/2-inch thick and features a honeycomb textured underside to help better absorb the force of impact.Maxx_Tuff_Entry_Shot_Large

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  1. Shark Tooth I

The first-generation Shark Tooth Heavy-Duty Floor Mats are made of durable recycled rubber and are designed to withstand heavy and repeated impacts. At 3/4-inch thick, this heavy-duty mat is made to protect your floors from even the heaviest of impacts and vibrations. This rubber mat is often used at ground protection mats in industrial settings (for vibrating machinery and equipment), at gyms (for weight rooms and deadlift areas), and even residentially (for home gyms or vibrating washer/dryer machines). Additionally, they are available in three different sizes, making it easy to find the right size for your application.Shark_Tooth_Entry_Large

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  1. Armor-Lock Interlocking Rubber Tiles

The Armor-Lock Interlocking Rubber Tiles are made of natural and reclaimed rubber materials. This rubber flooring product comes in tiles rather than being a continuous roll. Interlocking flooring rolls make it easy to customize its size. It is also easily installed by connecting the tiles together by their puzzle-like edges. Simply connect the tiles together and keep adding tiles until you have reached your desired size. The ease of installation makes it easy to transport and replace damaged tiles.Armor_Lock_Interlock_Large

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  1. Coin-Grip (Metallic) Rolled PVC Flooring

The Coin-Grip (Metallic) Rolled PVC Flooring is made of resilient PVC material that can protect your floors from abrasions, impacts, and chemicals. The surface of this PVC flooring roll is covered in circular protrusions that are designed to enhance traction by offering extra gripping points for your shoes to grasp while you traverse the surface. PVC is an extremely durable material that is resistant to most chemicals allowing you to thoroughly clean it using common household cleaners. Although not as thick as rubber flooring products, this PVC roll will still protect your floors from impacts and abrasions. Best of all, its metallic finish makes it the ideal product for illuminating dark spaces with little light.coin_grip_metallic_roll_Large

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Whether you are looking for rubber flooring tiles and rolls or PVC flooring rolls, Rubber-Cal is here to help your find the best product, or products, for your project!

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