These Are the Recommended Areas Where You Can Place Non-Slip Rubber Mats

Rubber is great material to use as matting and flooring for both residential and commercial areas where a surface with grip is needed. They also work great as moisture barriers and in providing added grip for areas exposed to water. Non-slip rubber mats are often used near building entrances and exits to work as a pad for keeping out dirt and water. They can help with preventing falls and accidents due to a wet floor. They also work great in front of access ways to restrooms and kitchen areas which are exposed to slipping hazards.

Rubber flooring and mats can also be used in basement areas or as moisture barriers. They also work well in garages and parking areas, working as grippy surfaces for vehicles. Long rolls of rubber matting can likewise be used as slip proofing on tiled walkways in the rain, which can cause the bare floor to become slippery and cause accidents. Institutional spaces and commercial establishments often use this material to provide people with a safe path to walk on in wet weather applications.

Non-slip rubber matting is also often featured in vehicles (such as buses and trains) to provide a hard wearing, but soft and safe walking surface. Rubber mats and slip guards are also often used on stairways and ramps to provide a non-slip surface in any weather condition, and are often mandated by safety codes. They can also be extremely useful in truck beds and container floors. Car accessory manufacturers supply rubber mats for cars and private trucks, too. These mats work great to help keep water, snow, mud and dirt out of the car and help preserve a vehicle’s carpeting and keep it clean. Rubber mats are water resistant and are easy to wash and clean, making them reusable and easy to maintain.

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