Easy Hacks to Clean Your Rubber Rolling Floors

One of the greatest things about rubber rolling floors is that they are extremely low-maintenance. Apart from comfort, durability, and ergonomics, the fact that it takes very little to care for these flooring implements makes them a practical choice for almost any application. But low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, especially if you want your rubber rolling floors to keep their quality and durability for a long time. Here are some simple hacks you can follow to keep your rubber floors clean and in good shape:

  • Initial cleaning of your rubber flooring should wait until at least 72 hours of installation, or as your manufacturer/supplier otherwise directs. This will give the adhesive enough time to set and establish a firm hold on the floor surface. Follow basic cleaning procedures during initial cleaning and avoid using chemical products that might damage rubber surfaces. The 72-hour precaution may not be necessary for static weight and click-together products, but make sure to heed this advice when installing rolling rubber floors.
  • Small specks of dust, dirt, and debris trailed in by shoes or blown in by the wind can be abrasive and damaging to rubber floor surfaces. Left untreated, they can wear down and cause nicks to the rubber floor’s finish. A regular pass of a vacuum cleaner or regularly sweeping the surface may be enough to remove this debris.
  • Mild dish soap and water are usually enough to mop up spills and stains on rubber floors. However, for more deeply seated stains, you can use a more concentrated cleaning solution and a hand brush to help apply additional pressure to lift the stain.

Avoid acidic and acetone-based cleaners and chemical solutions that contain turpentine. These can badly stain and damage your rubber floor. Also avoid rough sponges, scouring pads, or steel wool, as they can likewise scar and slice the rubber surface, doing more harm than good to your rubber floor.

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