Rubber: The Ideal Shock Absorber

Rubber is used as a shock absorber due to its surface protection, equipment protection and noise reduction properties while also being versatile enough to be used in commercial and industrial settings. Rubber has unique physical properties that allow them to protect the floors and equipment from damage as well as cutting down the overall noise coming from an area. An impact absorbing rubber mat has the ability to absorb incoming energy, such as vibrations or heavy items being dropped, and dissipates the energy so the sub-flooring underneath will receive very little of that impact force. Furthermore, rubber can be used to make a vibration reducing mat that is ideal for reducing the noise coming from moving equipment. Continuous vibrations over a single area can eventually damage the floor and equipment due to its continuous rattling against two hard surfaces. A vibration reducing mat can create a more efficient and distraction-free environment while protecting the integrity of the floors and equipment alike. Here are a few applications where rubber shock absorbers may be beneficial:


You can protect your gym floor with the addition of shock absorbing rubber mats. Rubber shock mats inherently act as impact and vibration dampening materials which is ideal for gyms. Commercial and home gyms both experience a great deal of kinetic energy from equipment, weights or vigorous workouts. Generally thicker, a shock absorbing exercise mat does an excellent job of absorbing and dissipating vibrations and noise produced by fitness machines. Both gym floors and equipment can become damaged by the constant ratting of the machines against a hard floor. A rubber shock absorbing exercise mat can reduce the amount of noise produced by fitness machines and prevents damage to floors and equipment by providing a thick and soft barrier between the two.

"Shark Tooth II" Heavy-Duty Floor Mats
“Shark Tooth II” Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Industrial Settings

In industrial settings, rubber shock absorbers can be seen in the form of gaskets, liners, and shock absorbing floor mats. Industrial workplaces are constantly using heavy-duty machinery that are always actively running; rubber gaskets or liners are used as a shield between two moving parts of a machine to prevent damage. Without a rubber shock absorber, the constant rubbing of two parts of a machine can eventually cause damage and render the machine useless. Rubber mats can also be used in industrial settings to prevent damage to the floor as well as the equipment. Heavy equipment can be dropped and can cause damage to the floors and even to the equipment themselves. Furthermore, machine vibrations can cause damage to the machine when it is rattling against the hard floor surface. A vibration reducing mat placed underneath the machine will dampen the vibrations so that the it is not constantly hitting the floor causing damage.


You can exercise without disturbing neighbors by adding rubber mats underneath your workout area or heavy home appliances, such as washers and dryers. Fitness machines and vigorous workouts, such as cardio exercises , create loud noises that can permeate through the floor and walls. Hardwood, carpet and tile, a few of the most popular home flooring options, are not very good sound proofing materials. Rubber mats are thick enough to block noise from breaching into your neighbors’ homes. A shock absorbing exercise mat is ideal for those who live in an apartment above another residence, or a duplex with thin walls, due to their ability disperse energy from vibrations and impacts across the surface of the mat before they can reach the surface of the subfloor.

"Treadmill Mat" Recycled Rubber Mats
“Treadmill Mat” Recycled Rubber Mats

A rubber shock absorber, due to its elasticity, high tensile strength and low compression set, can help prevent damage on floors and equipment caused by accidental drops or vibrations caused by machines in use. A vibration reducing mat is also ideal for those wanting to reduce the amount of noise caused by rigorous workouts, fitness machines, and home appliances traveling into neighboring apartments or residences. Rubber can provide floor and equipment protection while also working to reduce the amount of noise produced in these environments.

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