“Paw Grip” – A Grease Resistant Kitchen Mat!

Water is not the only cause of slick floors. Greases and oils can also create slip and fall hazards, especially in kitchens and industrial workplaces. Natural rubber is prone to breaking down upon contact with oil and gas, but nitrile is able to withstand these materials and will last longer under these circumstances. Due to this, nitrile is a popular material used in industrial workplaces or in kitchens where oil is an ever-present ingredient.

The “Paw-Grip” rubber runner is made out of 100% nitrile rubber and features numerous drainage holes to reduce the amount of moisture on its surface. Nitrile is a highly oil-resistant elastomer that is the ideal material for use in kitchen applications. With a high working temperature of 248 degrees Fahrenheit, nitrile kitchen mats will not melt or become deformed upon contact with a hot stove.

"Paw-Grip" Grease Resistant Rubber Runner
“Paw-Grip” Grease Resistant Rubber Runner

Furthermore, nitrile is not limited to kitchen applications; instead, nitrile can be used to settings such as laboratories, where spills involving caustic agents are possible, as well as being the perfect material for industrial fuel hoses, gaskets, seals and more. Its high tensile strength and abrasion resistance makes it the ideal material for industrial applications where it can be subject to constant and frequent impacts.

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