How Does Anti-Slip Flooring Work?

Slippery floors are a hazard that is very common in every day life. An accident that results from slipping or losing your footing can be either embarrassing (at best) or potentially fatal (at worst). According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents account for nearly 8 million emergency room visits every year. Fear not, because there are proactive measure that you can take to prevent these unwanted incidents. Rubber anti-slip flooring is the answer.


Rubber flooring works as anti-slip flooring because it has so many anti-slip characteristics. Generally, rubber has an inherently high co-efficient of friction. It is one of the rare few resources that have an intrinsic anti-slip property. If you lay a piece of rubber down flat on a table or the floor it wouldn’t be so easy to slide it across when compared to other objects like metal, ceramic, concrete, or wood. This helps rubber flooring have that extra grip that other flooring products don’t have. To add extra safety and grip most rubber flooring products may have a surface texture that help your feet and shoes have something to grip on to when walking over the surface even when wet. Rubber flooring surfaces can be different from product to product where some have a surface that provides more traction than others. When in wet areas anti-slip flooring can be the difference between walking safely to your destination or a dangerous slip and fall.


Some rubber mats and rolled flooring products offer drainage holes to help combat the slipperiness of wet areas. When there is a large amount of water or liquids spilled on the floor it will have an affect on how much traction you can get from the floor. If you have rubber mats with drainage holes the water is allowed to drain away or under the mat so the pedestrians walking on top of the mat will not have to worry about slipping while they are walking or standing. This type of flooring is popular in bars, restaurants pool areas and just about anywhere that will see high volumes of moisture, because it offers a safe surface for kids and adults to walk on even when wet. The best part of these rubber flooring products is they are all season products so you can use them in the summer by the pool or in the winter when it snows. Overall rubber flooring is the best option for anti-slip flooring. Nothing else comes close to providing the kind of traction and safety that rubber flooring can provide.

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