How to Cut Rubber Flooring

Learning how to cut rubber flooring may seem like a daunting task at first, but there is no reason for you to be afraid. Cutting rubber flooring is a fairly simple process that anybody can do. The only tools you will need are a sharp utility knife, a straightedge ruler or T-square, gloves, chalk, measuring tape, and maybe some kneepads. There is a specific reason you will need each of these items, and you’ll thank me later for it!

If you want a visual guide on how to go about this process, check out the video below:

Whether you are learning how to cut rubber flooring in the form of a roll or tile, chances are that you will be placing it on the floor. This is where kneepads will come in handy for you.

The first thing to do is to double-check the measurements of where you intend to cut. Once you have done that you use your ruler or T-square to make a straight line where you will cut. This is where you can use chalk to mark the spot you will be cutting just as an extra guide for you to cut straight, especially if the cut is longer than your ruler.

At this point all that is left to do is start to cut the material using the utility knife. Just take a good sized stroke along your line and repeat till you have cut through the rubber flooring. Keep in mind that rubber naturally has an anti-slip characteristic to it so a little trick you can do is dip your utility knife into a cup of soapy water so your knife will glide a little easier as you cut the rubber. Make sure you put on your gloves to protect your hands when using the utility knife! Safety always comes first and is very important when working with a sharp utility knife, especially when learning how to cut rubber.

If it is a thinner piece of rubber between 1/16-inch to about a 3/8-inch you can probably cut through it with one or two passes with the knife. Don’t try to cut too much at once. If it takes two strokes, then just take your time and make those two strokes so the cut comes out nice and clean. After all, you want a straight cut, not a jagged one!

When products get thicker than 3/8-inch you will need to take multiple strokes to cut through the material cleanly. It is the same as if it were a thinner material, but would just require more strokes. By taking your time to make multiple passes over the cut you are making will help keep you cut clean and straight.

Since you are learning how to cut rubber flooring, please note that scissors are not a suitable option. A utility knife is far more accurate and dependable because it gives you more control.

There isn’t really another option to cutting rubber flooring. Some distributors offer to cut the product for you, but they will have some standards as to what size or how the cut is made. There will be a charge for this as well. They usually cut the product the same way you would at home using the method described above, so cutting it yourself would save you money.


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