Small Steps Like Installing Rubber Mats for Playground Can Be Significant in Reducing Injuries

Most kids are careless when playing or running around. Often, they are focused on having fun and playing with other kids. Adults need to make sure to look after their safety on their behalf. Simple measures, such as installing rubber mats for playground can make a difference in minimizing the susceptibility of children to injuries. Rubber flooring is an excellent material that will provide extra cushioning to kids when they fall, slip, or trip. Manufacturers of rubber mats design high-quality products especially for playgrounds. These mats are very thick and provide superior slip resistance and protection from impacts.

Synthetic rubber mats for playground are designed to be springy and flexible. Some products have a waffled bottom to minimize strain on feet, ankles, and legs. The pattern provides more comfort and bounce to the feet while making sure that the mat’s surface is safe to cushion tumbles and falls. Ideally, rubber mats for play areas must be ASTM tested to ensure their ability to provide cushioning against falls. Moreover, they must be rated to be capable of cushioning falls that are from up to six feet high.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 200,000 children ages 14 and below are treated in ERs for injuries that occur in playgrounds each year. With that number in mind, it makes sense to ensure the safety of kids in playgrounds. High-quality rubber mats for playground have a relatively low hardness rating, which means that the material is more elastic and less dense. They can prevent injuries even when kids are playing rough. Some padded mats are made with holes on each side where you can easily place connector pins. These rubber mats for playground surfaces are easy to assemble for a DIY project.

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